Project Risk

We Reduce Overall Project Risk

Owners and contractors welcome us a partner on their projects, and love our Project-Specific Captives. Here's why.

We have over 40 years of experience in construction and over 60 years of experience in finance. We understand the risks of building a project, both from a performance and payment perspective. Much of our experience in construction and finance has been spent managing and reducing that risk, to ensure that projects are completed on time, under budget and in compliance with the project's design requirements. By looking back and studying those projects that have failed, we identified one common theme. Lack of cash.
And, the industry agrees. It is largely reported that the number one cause of contractor defaults (both general contractor and subcontractor defaults) is lack of capital. Anyone familiar with how construction projects are funded should not be surprised that many contractors often find themselves in a cash crunch, being forced to fund
operations, payroll and material costs, yet wait significantly long periods of time to get paid – both at the beginning and the end of a project.
That means the contractors working on your new projects are forced to fund mobilization and the first few months of construction, all while waiting for the retainage from their prior projects to be released. This creates the perfect storm of risk.

Contractor Growth Capital's funding solutions provide the liquidity needed by contractors to fund their current projects, which reduces the risk of default by ensuring
sufficient funds are available to make payroll, fund operations and purchase materials and other supplies.

And, since the funds Contractor Growth Captial provides to a project stay on that project to fund the labor, services and materials furnished there (through funds control and other mechanisms), owners and general contractors get the full benefit of our involvement by making sure those doing the work get paid. We reduce the risk of liens and other claims for non-payment.

Contractor Growth Captial ensures that proper payments are made only to those who worked on the project, and only after our client, the general contractor and the owner consent to the payments. Contractor Growth Captial makes sure that all of the appropriate lien and claim waivers and other required paperwork is provided, and helps to manage many of the accounting and administrative functions surrounding the payment process. We bring a level of professionalism and sophistication to assist our clients to satisfactorily complete their work and properly administer the project.

And, in the event that one of our clients are struggling to satisfy their contractual obligations to the owner or general contractor, Contractor Growth Capital serves as a resource to assist our clients to get back on track. After all, we get paid back from the project's proceeds, so have a unique motivation and opportunity to make sure our clients earn the right to payment.

That's why owners and general contractors welcome Contractor Growth Capital as a partner. WE REDUCE RISK.

Contact Us today to learn how we can reduce risk and increase the likelihood of successful project completion. Be sure to ask us about Project-Specific Captives to reduce risk and create long-lasting relationships with our general contractor partners.