The Value We Add

Mobilization Funding and Retainage Financing

You have a new project, which is awesome. Congratulations.

But, you are going to be forced to provide the cash needed for the first 60 – 90 days of construction until your first pay application is funded, which is absolutely not
awesome. And, the cash you need to carry the project (including operations, materials and payroll) until that first payment will have you stretched real thin.

Then, you have substantially completed your work. Congratulations … again. Job well done. Yet, you are once again forced to help fund the project through retainage being held by the owner's lender until the project is fully completed. This could be a really long time, and you aren't event entitled to interest on the money being held.

And, perhaps the worst part is that the money you have tied up into this project (both in the beginning as mobilization costs and at the end as retainage) prevents you from moving on to new opportunities and growing. Traditional lenders are of little to no help with these cash flow challenges.

Contractor Growth Capital is here to help. We get you the capital that you need, so that you can get back to work and grow your business … fast.

Mobilization Funding: We will provide you up to 25% of your contract value at the time you mobilize and use that money to pay all of your costs associated with the project (including operations, materials and payroll) until your payment applications are funded. The collateral is your contract and the project, and we get paid from a portion of the funds paid to you on future payment applications. Not only does this allow you to make sure sufficient resources are deployed to your projects, but also allows you the opportunity to take advantage of early payment discounts by suppliers and material manufacturers.

Retainage Financing: At the time that you are substantially complete with your work, we will buy your outstanding retainage. This is not a loan! It's that simple. We wait to get paid at the completion of the Project.

Ask about the unique services and financing we provide to Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), helping projects and
general contractors meet their participation goals through MBE/DBE Funding, Training and Support Programs.

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